Friday, June 22, 2012

Give Me a Hammer I Need to Make a Dent

     I have been trying to work on the sequel to Into the Darkness, so far, I'm not having much luck. I see the scenes in my head and I hear the characters talking to me. (this in normal for writers, so don't call the men in white coats) Oh, I know how the story is going to go, I just can't seem to find the time and peace and quiet to get it down on paper, ie the computer.
     I don't know why I always think that the next season will be easier to work in. For instance, when school got out I thought I would have all this time to write, but now the kids are home all the time with friends coming and going, sleepovers, the fighting and all the rest. Now, I am thinking when school starts up again and the kids are back in school I will have all this time to write. In reality, it's not much better than it is now. I have things I have to get done and limited time to do them. When you are a mom your life really isn't your own.
     I still have high hopes though. My goal is to make a huge dent in the new book before summer is over. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.


  1. When we get to the retreat, we should all just tie each other to our chairs, literally.

  2. I think Summer (or I should say those "home" for the summer) demand our every spare moment and make us feel guilty if we don't spend "their vacation" doing with or for them. Problem is, writing is a full-time job and doesn't take "vacations." Also, I get really irritated if I miss more than a couple of days writing which can ruin a vacation quickly. Have fun at retreat. Yes, take long ropes and tie each other into chairs. I also recommend no WiFi and duct tape over mouths during Crazy Ivan periods. So jealous. Have fun and hope it gets better!

  3. Thank goodness you have writers retreats! It'll really help you.