Monday, June 25, 2012

Where is Everyone?

     I have discovered through the years that no matter how many kids you have if one of them is gone, it changes the whole dynamics of your household. It seems since summer began we have had at least one kid missing for one reason or another and it feels weird. Last week both my hubby, and son number three, were in Cali. My little boys have been having and going to various sleepovers. Number five daughter has been working at Lagoon. This morning, at the crack of dawn, my baby had to be at church at 7:00am for scout day camp.
      It has been a whirlwind summer so far, and yet, if feels strange with people missing. The hubby is due home on Wednesday, but we have family coming in for a wedding. They will be here until Monday, I think. So this weekend will not feel normal.
     I'm beginning to feel like our normal is gone forever. At least until school starts again. I guess I need to embrace the changes. Go with the flow and enjoy the fact that we get to sleep in at least a couple of days a week and there's no homework to worry about. Is your house like this? Do you notice the difference when one of your kids is gone?

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