Monday, June 4, 2012

Seize the Day!

      It's the first day of summer vacation and I haven't stopped running yet. I hope we can get into a groove and things will slow down a bit, but somehow I doubt it.
     Last night I got one of those phone calls that every mother dreads. "Mom, I need you to come pick me up because I've been in a car accident."
     It's enough to make your heart skip a beat. Granted, he was calling and not the police, that was a good sign, but, still, when you hear those words, you panic. I have had police phone calls too, and let me tell you at five a.m. that's not who you want on the other end of the line. 
     This has gotten me to thinking about how precious life is and how quickly it can change. I don't want to be an old woman lying on my death bed thinking, I wish I would have told them more often that I love them. Or, I wish I had tried harder to have more fun and not take things, that don't matter, so seriously.
     Life is beautiful, precious and quick. If you blink you may miss the best parts. I don't want that.
     I pinned a pin on Pinterest that starts out in french and then there's the English translation and it goes:

                                        She said she used to cry at least once each
                                        day not because she was sad, but because
                                        the world is so beautiful and life was so short.

       These words touch my heart and make me appreciate each day. Before you know it, your kids are grown and you no longer have the opportunity to hug, kiss and snuggle with them, like you did when they were small. Don't take these precious moments for granted. Embrace life and seize the day before they are gone.

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