Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The New Me?

     I'm late posting today because I had a hair appointment early this morning. What is it about getting your hair done that makes you feel like a new woman. Is it that I wait until I want to shave my head in frustration to make an appointment? Could be. Is it that it just plain makes you feel like you have done something for you. Let's face it, as mom's sometimes we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. Everyone's else's needs come before our own, especially if it is something like getting your hair done, where you have to not only spend the money, but you also have to be out of the house, as in by yourself, all alone, with no kids. Heaven forbid a mom has a few moments to herself, enjoying adult conversation.
     Whatever the reason, I now feel better about myself and I can face the next week and whatever lies ahead. If your having a bad week or feeling down, do something for you. Go get your nails done or maybe a pedicure, treat yourself to something special. I give you permission. And if the family has a problem with it send them my way. Me and my new hair will set them straight. Love you all.

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  1. I need a refresher too! Pedicure, nails, hair, the whole bit!