Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clone Me Please

     Do you ever wish there were more than twenty-four hours in a day? Or that your body didn't need sleep. I do. I have so many things I would love to do and it feels like I have so little time. I can't expand the hours on the clock and I still need to sleep so I am eagerly waiting for science to perfect the whole cloning thing. If there were four or five of me I could get every thing done that I want and need to do.
     I would have one of me that did nothing but clean the house all day long. I would have another to watch over the kids and make sure they are brushing their teeth and doing their summer reading plan. I would have number three do nothing but reading and learning all the things I have ever wanted to learn. I would have another specifically assigned to make sure we never run out of stuff around here like paper towels, re-fried beans and Cocoa Puffs. It would be her job to go back and forth to Walmart ten times a day. And then there would be me. I would do...whatever the heck I wanted to do. I could nap, go hiking, watch a movie, read or write, or play on my computer. It would be a very different life than the one I have now where almost everything is scheduled around other family members needs.
     I can just hear my mother saying, "You should have thought about all that before you had ten kids." And it's true, when you have a family your life is no longer your own, but the rewards out weigh the obligations, for the most part.
     Still, if science would get it's heiny in gear, I sure could cross a lot of stuff off of my to do list.

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