Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Will It End???

     There is a reason that greed is considered one of the seven deadly sins. There are repercussions all around like the ripples in a pond when a stone is tossed in. Our country is experiencing a huge problem with greed and it starts at the top and works its way down to the average man.
     We have long been manipulated by the big companies into thinking we have to have their products and services and it doesn't matter how much we have to pay. They use any excuse, or no excuse at all to raise prices and we pay unquestioningly, or when someone does question it, they get a bunch of lame excuses. Remember how the cost of gas went up a couple of years ago and everything went crazy. The food in grocery stores shot up, airplane flights soared, the cost of goods went crazy. When the gas prices went down, guess what? Food still went up airplane flights stayed high and the cost of everything just keep going up. And it continues to this day.
     We live in scary times when our generation is the first to see a decrease in the standard of living since WWII. Our children may never have the opportunity to live the lifestyle that we have or should I say had.
     We don't have to look far to see greed in action (Washington DC.) Corporations are making billions of dollars a year and apparently it's not enough, because prices just keep going up.
     I makes me wonder if it will only end with the collapse of our way of life. How much money does one person or one company need to make before they say we are doing fine lets not raise prices? The world may never know.
     Do you see the cost of living going up everyday like I do. Are you as nervous as me about where it will all end. It makes me fearful for my children and grandchildren.


  1. You know, I do understand what you mean, Stef. But in following the markets and trends, I've heard some things that really make me hopeful. A lot of people (especially in certain local microcosmic communities) have somewhat of a doomsday attitude about what's going on in the world. Now, I'm not saying that all is well, but humanity as a whole has made some fantastic strides, ESPECIALLY economically. Statistically, There is less war and violent deaths globally than in recorded history. There is more clean water, more medical care, longer life, more comforts, technological advances, availability of goods and services. etc. etc. And this is on a GLOBAL level. Of course, there is inflation, an ebb and flow or feast and famine, of course there is still war and genocide and recessions. There is hate, greed, ignorance, and evil. But our economy has become global as all of humanity has truly become connected. Sure, I worry about the corporations that are running our government. I worry about the domination of the 1%. I worry about the disappearing middle class. However, I don't let the fear mongerers *cough* Fox News *cough* take away hope that we can do something about it. Maybe things will have to get worse before they get better. Maybe America will never be what it once was. But I'm trying to maintain faith in the potential of humanity as a whole to pull ourselves out of the mire. We've always done it in the past(granted usually after some horrific event) but, there's too much imagination, innovation, and creation in the depths of our souls to truly doom us all. And one of the things that drive us to create, I hate to say, is greed. So... maybe it's not such a bad force if we can balance it with compassion...

  2. Thanks. I haven't thought about food storage for a long time. Guess I'll get started.

    Can I ask what brought this one on?

    1. Every time I go to the store things have gone up. I bought refried beans two weeks ago and paid 88 cents. Two days ago they were $1.18. That's a huge increase and that's just one thing. I shop a lot and I see it every day. I don't feel like these price increases are justified. We won't even go into gas prices, utilities and everything else.