Monday, August 27, 2012


     I have to admit that I am part Irish, Scots, English and stick-in-the-mud among other things. Especially when it comes to doing things like camping, swimming and taking my life in my hands, for various reasons. The first one, I don't like bugs dive-bombing me while I am trying to sleep. That's one of the reasons I tend to stay in my house from spring until late fall. Not to mention the heat. I am totally in love with air conditioning.
     Swimming is a problem, you actually have to let people see your body while you parade around in fabric that is thin and clingy. For someone who's puffy, that can be very traumatic. And I think once you become a mother you start rethinking all those crazy things you do when you are young because you have children to take care of and what would happen to them if you got hurt or, heaven forbid, died. Roller coasters suddenly lose there allure.
     That is why I think I deserve a special high five from everyone on the plant. I went camping with the fam and not only did I sleep in a tent with no A/C, I put on a swim suit and went jet skiing. I have pictures to prove it. Which my daughter kindly put on Facebook for all the world to see. Yes, that is me on the back of a jet ski with the hubby. Yes the life jacket makes you look twenty pounds heavier. And yes I really am that white. What do expect from a person who has avoided showing her legs to anyone since she was seventeen.
     I even endured the pit toilets....and they where AWFUL!!! I almost barfed when I went in there the first night. And I have changed more diapers in my lifetime than just about anyone you know. To make it worse the smell would drift on the breeze and come through our campsite every so often.
     I think I might go camping again someday, but not unless there are flush toilets.
     I will try to post the pic later since I can't figure out how to snag it off of FB.
     I hope you all will still respect me in the morning.

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