Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Wish You All Could Have Been There!

     I just got back from Cali last night late and am happy to have been able to sleep in my own bed. Here are a few observations from my trip. I don't like flying. That being said the flight was fast and it didn't crash, so it's all good.
     The weather in Cali was spectacular, cooler than here but the humidity is higher.
     I really hate seeing all the graffiti everywhere you look. It just looks trashy.
     My daughter and I stopped at Archibald's restaurant and shared the most delicious fried zucchini ever made on this planet. It is truly the reason zucchini exists and a chicken salad. The chicken is the most tender and tasty meat known to man. Yumm!!!
     To the Asian woman who got off the Vegas bound tour bus in Barstow with the bleach blonde hair that has been dyed pink and who was wearing the hot pink spandex leggings with a dress that looks like it came from the Barbie collection, not a good look for you, Hon. You look like a clown in training. And to the man in Vegas with the bright orange Crocs with gray socks, who was pumping gas in a gray hula shirt and silky boxer shorts, seriously?! Was it too hot to wear real shorts, you know, the kind that don't have the little opening in front for bathroom emergencies???
     Just wanted you all to share in my road trip experiences. :)

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