Friday, August 10, 2012

The Circle of Life

     Have you ever noticed how one project leads into another? We have been planning to paint our garage floor and put those sprinkle things on it since we moved here. It's been five years now. The reason we haven't done it yet was because we wanted to get some more shelves put in. We did get that done last summer. Now, when we are about to take the plunge and paint the floor, the hubby has decided to paint the shelves first and he wants to fill in the grand canyon sized cracks in the garage floor with that rubber stuff. Which is a good idea because I almost kill myself in those cracks whenever I have heels on.
     Of course, painting the shelves and the garage floor lead to totally reorganizing the garage and doing a deep cleaning.
      When you hear the term, "The circle of life," is not that you are born you live and die while your children carry on, it the vicious cycle of having to do ten different things before you can do the one thing you really want to do. Just a quick observation for today. Love Ya.

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