Tuesday, January 29, 2013

High Heeled Shoes

      Do you remember being in school or watching TV and learning about how the Chinese used to bind their daughters feet so they would stay small. They would wrap cloth around them so tightly that some girls had feet so deformed they could barely walk. How awful! How could they do that in the name of fashion?
     Have you ever really taken a look at the high heels we wear? Some of those heels are barely thicker than a toothpick and we're expected to walk around it them? How many studies have been done on how bad that is for our feet, our backs and our posture?
     Who's idea was this? I would like to talk to him. And why on earth did we go along with the idea?
     Some women are obsessed with shoes, a la Sex in the City. When things don't go well they go shopping... for shoes.
     I have never fallen into this. I have resisted the subtle call of the shoe siren and I am proud to say I have about ten pairs of shoes in my closet only four of which I really wear, and if you have noticed this, don't tell me. I make no apology for my lack of interest in having a shoe collection worthy of the Kardashians.
    I find uncomfortable shoes...uncomfortable and I refuse to buy into the obsession.
    And in honor of my rebellion, I am going to wear my slippers all day today. So take that world.

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  1. YEP! Lesson learned the hard way. I have had bunionectomy surgery and Im just over 30. All that for a moment in time when I THOUGHT I was cool (or something).