Monday, January 28, 2013

Being a Woman

     Have you ever really sat back and wondered at all the weird beauty customs we have to deal with as women? Did the first woman to ever shave her arm pits and legs really think it through? I doubt it, because if she knew she was going to doom womanhood to the manic grind of getting rid of hair that grows naturally on the body for the rest of eternity, she might have re-thought the whole thing.
     And what about plucking the eyebrows? Unless you have a serious uni-brow problem, why can't we just leave them alone. Let's face it, it hurts to yank out your sensitive little hairs by the roots. And isn't it all for the sake of looking like a sex object, like all the movie stars? Didn't we want to be liberated from all this?
     We have to have more to offer the world than soft legs and shapely brows, right?
     My hubby complains when it takes me fifteen minutes to get ready for bed at night, but he has no concept of what it takes to be a woman. Taking off mascara is a chore. I hate it. Yet, I do it every night.
     Someday I am going to strike a blow for the natural woman and stop all this nonsense. You'll know when I do. I'll be the fuzzy, pale-faced woman, with short dishwater blonde hair hiding in the corner.
     Tomorrow maybe I'll rant about bikini waxing.

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