Monday, January 7, 2013


Our dog, Koda, sleeps in my room, on a little bed with a blanky. I take him out three or four times a day and I make sure he has food and water on a daily basis. To say he is an important and spoiled part of our family would be right on the mark.
     Tonight our dog started choking on his food and my daughter and son asked if I was going to give him mouth to mouth. NOT!
     I don't mean to sound heartless, but you see our dog eats his poop. We try to stop him, but we usually can't get to him in time. I try to pretend it isn't happening that way I don't vomit.
      I love this dog. He's special. He loves me and I think he's really cute, but I draw the line at getting near his mouth. Not only does he eat his own poop, he likes to chew on my boys dirty socks.
     Now, you mother's with prepubescent boys know how bad their socks can get. They have an odor of there own. It's as close to chemical warfare as you can get without having to call the Haz-Mat team.
     So even if our dog didn't eat his own poop, chewing on putrid socks would be enough to keep me from giving him mouth to mouth.
     All I can say is he better take smaller bites and chew really well, because he's on his own if there's a problem.

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