Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Thoughts on Death

     Death comes to us all sooner or later. It comes to our families and our friends. Our mortal bodies aren't meant to last forever, we all know this and accept it. Yet, when death comes unexpectedly it is a shock to us.
     What really matters in the long run is not how we die, it's how we lived. Are our friends and family going to miss us and mourn our passing, or are we going to leave behind a trail of broken promises and wounded hearts? Did we raise our children with love and respect? Did we treat our spouses like they were the most important person in our lives? Did we treat everyone with kindness?
    If this is how we judge our time here on earth, then Dave Milius did a good job of it. His passing yesterday will leave a huge hole in his family and ours. His grandkids adored Papa. And he was always there for his children. He was a hard worker and an avid lover of the sport of basketball.
     I will miss him poking his head in our door just as a game was starting and him wandering through the kitchen to see what kind of food we were serving at game time. I makes his passing a little easier to bear to know that he never had to ask if it was okay. He knew he was welcome.
     Our lives were permanently joined when Kristin and David married and now we share our beautiful grandkids, but we share more than that we share a history. Greg Milius used to work for my husband. All the boys have, at one time or another played basketball with Gary. Teresa used to babysit for us.
    It seems our lives have been woven together for a long time and they will continue to be.
    If leaving behind a legacy of love is the test of our time here on earth, Well done, Papa Dave, well done.

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  1. We feel a lot of emotions over it too and cant believe it! We will miss him too.