Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Winter

     I do realize that we have been having an unusually cold winter this year. And I know some of you are ready for spring and that's okay, we can still be friends.  I want to take a minute to give you the top ten reasons why I love winter time.

10. I like that it gets dark earlier.
  9. I like that if I cook a big dinner in my oven it doesn't matter that it heats up the house.
  8. I love, love watching the snow fall. I attribute this to having grown up in So. Cal. where I only saw it snow on TV.
  7. I love making hot, hearty meals for dinner in the winter time. It just feels good.
  6. My fireplace is a great reason to love winter time. I wait and wait to be able to turn her on after the long hot summer, where she has been neglected and ignored.
  5. Our sled run. This year has been the second year since we have been here where we have had enough snow to build a sled run at our house. I think it's awesome that all the boys and men get outside and work on it. It has become an engineering masterpiece and it gives them great exercise, usually they sit around watching sports, so it's a huge plus.
  4. I associate the cooler weather with the best holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.
  3. Winter time also gives the hubby a break from taking care of our ginormous yard.
  2. People expect you to gain a few pounds in the winter time, so you can enjoy a few extra treats in cooler weather and then wear thick clothes to hide it. Everyone will think your just puffy from your winter attire.
  And  the best most awesome reason for loving winter time is.
  1. I have a three car refrigerator and freezer. I LOVE this. I was able to keep holiday leftovers on a shelf in the garage because it was so cold this year. Which was perfect because we didn't have nearly enough room for all the food in the fridge. My coke is so cold it's slushy and yummy and delicious. I can keep ice cream frozen on a shelf. What more could you ask for.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me why I like winter. I do like all of this. The 7 degree morning is not my favorite, but the rest is great!