Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Kids Are Back In School!

     The kids are back in school! Yayyy!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
     The quiet is echoing through my house, relatively speaking. The hum of the Xbox and the din of arguing have stopped. I don't have kids rummaging through my kitchen looking for food every ten minutes, along with the mess they leave behind. They aren't sleeping on my couch and there isn't a trail of popcorn everywhere.
     It was rough getting up at 6:30am though. After I had deposited all the little angels to their various destinations, I had to ask myself what was next? And like many mothers on just such mornings I decided to take a nap. I know 9:30am was a little early to do it, but I deserve it. I feel so guilty. I have never been much of a napper but lately they have been wonderful. In fact I sometimes feel as if I could sleep all day.
     Here it is going on noon and I haven't even showered yet. This is very unlike me. I like to get into a routine and be up and about. It sure felt good though. :)
     Are you sad that the kids are back at it or are you rejoicing like me? Any special plans. I know IHOP is having all you can eat pancakes. Just sayin.'

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