Monday, January 21, 2013

My Freezer Dilemma

     We made it through the weekend with out any trips to the ER. I'd say we are on a roll.
     The kids are home for two days for end of term though, so there is still a chance. Especially, since I will be attempting to clean. The kitchen needs major work and the freezer downstairs needs to be cleaned out and organized.
     Speaking of my freezer, I have been trying to decide the best way to organize it. It's an upright and when it's full, things tend to get out of control in there. I have checked into getting a few metal, mesh baskets to keep things in place, but they are expensive.
     Does anyone have any tips on organizing a freezer? I plan on adding lot of stuff this year and I want it to be well stocked and neat and orderly.
     And while were on the topic of freezers, what do you store in yours? Do you waste valuable real estate with frozen bread? I have never cared for defrosted bread and a loaf takes up a lot of space for only a two dollar item.
     These are the kind of things that keep me up at night. It's okay, you can laugh. Everyone else does, but seriously, what do you store in your freezer? This year is going to be a major food storage year for us and I want to do it right.

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