Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feed Your Mind

     Nature's first green is gold,    
     Her hardest hue to hold.        
     Her early leaf's a flower;
     But only so an hour.
     Then leaf subsides to leaf.
     So Eden sank to grief,
     So dawn goes down to day.
     Nothing gold can stay.

     This is a poem from Robert Frost.  I love his work.  I was first exposed to him in junior high when I read The Outsiders.  This poem is in that book.  He's probably one of the most quoted American poets. In the movie Eclipse, Bella reads a poem at the beginning that is also a Robert Frost poem called, Fire and Ice.  In the old movie Telefon a line from the poem, Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening, is used to activate Soviet spies.  And if you read my blog on March 17 you already know that one of my favorite poems is, The Road Not Taken. 
     I recently got the book, The Poetry of Robert Frost on Amazon, an old text book for $2.45.  At the risk of sounding really old fashioned, it has brought me great joy.  It has everything that Robert Frost ever wrote.  I love this book.  Some of his works are stories, much longer than the poems I've mentioned, but interesting to read nonetheless.  I enjoy finding new things that have value.  It can be a poem, a scripture, a book.  I recently read, Sense and Sensibility after a friend told me how much she loved it. Thanks, Anne(aka Nicole Jordan.)
     The point for today is feed your mind as much as you can.  Take a brake from all the monotony that fills our lives everyday and do something that makes you think.  It's healthy and you may surprise yourself with what you learn.  If you can't think of anything else, give Robert Frost a try.