Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Words Of Encouragement

     Why is it that women always seem to feel like they are not good enough?  Where did this come from?  When did this start?  Do we all have some inbred sense that we are failures for a reason?  Is their an inferiority gene in our DNA?  Have we been programed like this by our own mothers?  Did society do this to us because we are women?  I really want  to know because I can't believe the intelligent, high-energy, kind, wonderful, faithful women I know who think they are losers.  Listen up all of my friends and family and loyal readers, YOU ARE NOT LOSERS AND YOU ARE FINE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!! 
     You do not have to be perfect.  It's okay if you mess up. You're not a bad mom if you yell at your kids, trust me, I do it all the time.  Is your BMI over the top?  Join the club, it's a big one, (pun intended.)  Whatever it is that makes you feel like you fall just short of the goal, kick it to the curb and wave bye-bye.
     Find something that makes you feel good about yourself and go for it.  If their is something that you just can't get away from, embrace it, but instead of setting your goals too high, make one small change or try to take one small step in the right direction, no not the right direction, the direction you want to go. Sometimes they are two different things.  Go for it. And remember, as long as you are moving forward, your moving.

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