Friday, April 8, 2011

I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up

     My husband came home from California yesterday bringing a wrenched back with him.  The poor guy is in pain and I was laughing at him.  I couldn't help it, he was a walking comma.  Seriously, he was leaning to one side and shuffling his feet and he was all curved.  He had to laugh too, through the pain.
      It is mind-boggling how much a sore back affects you.  He needs help in and out of bed. I had to help him step into his pants, even getting up off of the couch is a two person job.  When he sneezed their was a long moan after it.
     I feel bad for him, I really do, however, I have carried and given birth to ten kids and during many of those pregnancies I suffered from sciatica.  I remember standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes, in agony, crying in pain and did anyone help me, NO.  Oh they were concerned alright, but instead of helping or doing them for me, they would say, "Just leave them," "Or do them tomorrow."  Well, guess what, sciatica doesn't go away like that.  It's there until you give birth and their is no more pressure on your back.  So I know what a bad back feels like.  And you know what, I'm going to pamper and baby him until the cows come home and then I'm going to remind him that I have been through this many, many times and I'm going to remind him how no one helped me when I was hurting.  Guilt can be a constructive thing.  And you know what they say about wives, we may forgive but we never forget, and we don't let them forget either. 

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  1. Hey Sheereen love your blog!! I have one too but I need your email to invite you as I don't just let everyone read it. Mine however isn't as entertaining as yours. Meegan and Elise, Annie's girls, blogs are great.