Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ignorance Is Bliss

     I love having my children and grandchildren around me.  When we moved from California, I had a master plan to get all of my adult kids within a ten minute radius, and so far so good. I have two adult kids still in Cali. Though I am hoping that my daughter and her husband will move here before too long. Having most of them close allows us to go to the grandkids soccer games and I can pick them up from school or pre-school if the need arises.  Many times we get a phone call for help with one thing or another or we call for help. It all works out.
     Their is one thing that I have discovered to be a problem though, now that my children have turned into adults they feel the need to share with me all the rotten things they did as kids that I never found out about.  From my oldest daughter having her own pad of office excuses, so she could cut class whenever she wanted and write herself a note, to my other daughter throwing Weinerschnitzel hot dogs at her brother. Apparently she only liked the bun and the chili so the hot dog was fair game.  I found those shriveled and moldy hot dogs behind the couch when we moved.  I remember saying, "How the heck did whole hot dogs get behind the couch."  If I had only known.  I heard about the time the boys were filling water balloons in the kitchen sink and decided that the balloons weren't big enough, so they got a huge trash bag and filled it only to have the bag split open all over the kitchen floor.  What a mess that was! Although the floor got really clean.
     I also was enlightened as to why I found a really scratched up Shania Twain CD behind the freezer in the garage when we moved.  My son and daughter were mad at their sister and snuck into her room and got it, then proceeded to slide on the cement floor in the garage with it and as if that wasn't enough they took push pins and dug deep grooves in it.  It gave them great joy to hear their sister storming through the house looking for the CD.  I remember that I was accused of taking it.   I have heard about all the stuff they burned in our old fireplace. It is a wonder the house is still standing and that they are all alive.
     This is just a speck of what has come to light on the evenings we have spent reliving the "good times."  All I have to say is ignorance truly is bliss.  Let's keep it that way kids.


  1. You should write down all these crazy stories! Maybe in like a "family journal" so we can go back, read, and laugh! Especially since I'm not there, so I can enjoy too :)

  2. I still don't eat the hot dog, yuck!

  3. Was that my CD?!?!!! What the heck!! Oh if your sharing....why not share what I got into and played with that I found in your night stand. ;-)