Monday, April 11, 2011

It Goes Over, Over, Over.

     It has been a busy month for us and it's not even half over.  I could give you a run down of some of the things we have done so far, but that would take up all the space I have for today and that wouldn't be any fun.  One of the things that has kept us busy is a steady stream of company.  We have had family coming and going and it's not over yet.
      We love seeing family and have a great time visiting and getting caught up, even if it is a quickie.  Any one of our family and even our friends are welcome any time. Please come and see us, we will feed you, we will entertain you, we will take you to the airport, we will take you to dinner or church.  Anything we have is yours.  I do have one small request however.  Keep you're cotton pickin' hands off of our toilet paper!
     Let me state this publicly, we are an over the roll family.  We always have been and always will be.  And this includes all of the family branches.  We have discussed the situation at length and the decision is final.  Over the roll it is.  So while you are here, and if you are in need of using the facilities, and if you find the T.P. hanging not to your liking, "to bad, so sad."  Do not! I repeat, Do not! change the way the roll hangs.  We find this very disturbing and it upsets the delicate balance that we need to maintain the handling of stress around here.  I'm sure you don't want to hear about my needing to take anti-anxiety meds do to the change of what is the accepted norm around here.  Thank you for your cooperation with this sensitive matter.  Please come again.


  1. I feel your pain! I'm an over the top person as well... and nothing irritates more than having to "fix" the TP because someone else "fixed" it first. My house, my rules. :)

  2. Company are like fish. After a couple of days, they start to stink.

  3. And it's UNDER UNDER UNDER.
    Remember the show MAUDE?
    I'll always remember what the maid said.
    "Bottom's UP"!

  4. That's funny. =) I took a class in college were the professor talked at length about how she felt there was no right way to hang the toilet paper. There was quite a debate on the subject as others had very strong feelings. =)

  5. hahahahaha! My husband and I have actually fought about this. One day I'm lying on his chest and I asked an annoyingly female question, "Is there anything about me that truly bothers you?" and he said, "I can't think of anything." Whereupon I said, "Not even any little thing?" and his face darkened a little, his eyes getting squinty mad and he replied, "You are the most inconsistent person when it comes to how you put on the toilet paper roll, you never do it the same two times in a row...
    Flabbergasted, I said, "There are people that notice that kind of thing? There is a certain WAY that people put toilet paper on a roll?" He said, "Yes it's ALWAYS up and over." and then he launched into a dramatic and complex explanation of WHY that is. I'll be honest, I'd never thought about it before, but I supposed what he said made sense... Now I'm back to being a perfect wife, I suppose.

  6. I'm with Kerrigan on how it hangs. I'm just happy if the toilet paper is on the hanger. In fact, I quit fighting my husband with the toilet paper. In our bathroom the roll used to sit on top of the hanger. When we built our house 7 years ago, I bought hangers that have a side hook with no little roller to mess with and take out and then insert into the toilet paper and then rehang. Things have been much better.

  7. I can't believe you posted this!! hahaha!!!! Our family has issues...

  8. I am just happy if someone else would replace the paper, I am the only one who does it. Someone once said that if you put it on, I guess it would be backwards to you Sheereen you use less not sure if it is true but with how expensive everything is we might find our preference changing of how we hang our paper!! TP is the one thing I have permission to not go cheap on. Some people have sensitive bottom!!!