Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Park City I Go

     If you can believe it, it looks as if I may be going on a writers retreat this weekend.  You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this.  My writer friends go twice a year and I have never made it once.  There is always something that keeps me home.  This time, however, the hubster said, "You really need to go."  What?! Huh?! Do I have the right phone number?  I don't think he has thought it through.  That means he will have to work out the logistics of not one, not two, but three soccer games on Saturday morning by himself.  He hasn't realized that that means he will be responsible for the care and feeding of our three minor children(every one else that lives in this house is on their own.)  The Saturday night shower battle with our two boys will be all him.  The frantic search for lost church shoes on Sunday morning will either make or break him. The poor guy.
     You want to know what I will be doing?  I will be enjoying the company of adult woman who share a love of the written word.  I will be staying up late talking like a teenager at a slumber party.  I will be able to write without anyone asking me,"What's for dinner?" or "Are you still on that stupid laptop?"  I will be eating obscene amounts of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  Chocolate is what feeds writers, but that is a trade secret so don't tell anyone.  I will be letting the creative juices flow and nothing can stop them.
     And by Sunday morning I will be missing my hubby, and kids, and my bed, and I will come home, and after about two minutes I will wonder why I missed them. It happens every time.


  1. Sheereen, Looking forward to indulging in all the girl writer activities too!

  2. You have my permission to proxy eat my chocolate. Will miss you guys, but already have time off for October! Not happening a second time.

  3. How fun! I'm so excited to be up there with you!

  4. Enjoy your first retreat. It's something you never really forget and wish there was one every month. Write lots.

  5. My advice is to prepare. Whatever you end up with as a word count at the end of the weekend, don't be disappointed.

    You're going to fill your well, and it doesn't fill up with words alone.

  6. The retreat works two-folds. Fills your creative well and makes your hubby and family appreciate you. They need to be on their own every now and then or you get taken for granted.