Friday, April 1, 2011

A Pillow Emergency. It Could Happen.

     What is it about pillows that makes us feel so safe and secure? I love pillows. In fact when I sleep I like to have my pillows arranged just so.  Each one has to be in the right position and they have to be fluffed just so and sometimes I have to change things up because one doesn't feel quite right.  This has been a point of contention at times with the hubster.  You see, I am a side sleeper, so I need a pillow to the right of me and a pillow to the left and two pillows under my head. I think my head must be heavier than the average head because my pillows squish down. And sometimes, after a long day, I have to tuck one between my knees. He is a stomach sleeper, so he uses only one tiny, wimpy, flat little thing, a twin size, that hardly qualifies as a pillow at all in my book. My pillows are nice and fluffy and I use two kings, and two queens nightly with an extra thrown in just in case. 
     I don't know how it works for most married people, but we have this imaginary line down the middle of our bed that neither of us is allowed to cross.  And laying right next to the line and breathing on the other person is not allowed.  I can't tell you how many times someone has breathed on me and I have to nudge him and say, "You're breathing on me, back away from the line."  Maybe that's where the pillow usage came from, it's self-defense.
     As much as I love my hubby, my best nights sleep are when he's away for business. I can align my pillows just the way I like them and no one complains. 
     Last night when we were going to bed he was handing me all of my pillows one at a time(that means he was plopping them on me heavily and enjoying it) and I was placing them correctly and when he handed me the last one which is an extra.  I set it next to my bed, leaning upright against my nightstand within easy reach, that way I could find it in the dark, and in my mind I thought "just in case of an emergency,"  Then I had to smile, when was the last time anyone had a pillow emergency.  I guess it could happen, and if it does I am prepared.


  1. Jesse does not respect the line! I find him crooked with feet on my side all the time. He even cut me with his big toe nail before...I have Parker on my side of the line while Jesse gets the whole other side to himself...something needs to be done about this! ps- you use 4 pillows every night? I think I would feel claustrophobic...I use one pillow.

  2. This made me chuckle good. :)

  3. I had a picture book as a child called "Stop breathing my air" about sisters who put their jump rope down the middle of the room and squared off. I'm tickled that your blog brought that memory back for me.

    I'm pretty sure, with the size of your family, your husband's crossed that damned line more than once!