Friday, April 29, 2011

     When I was thirteen, my mom went to work.  As a result, it was my responsibility to pick up my two little sisters from the elementary school and walk them home.  I would get them a snack, help them start their homework, and start dinner for my mom.  This was a blessing in that I became an okay cook at a young age.  That came in handy when I got married at seventeen and had to start feeding a hungry husband and eventually kids, lots of kids.
     So here I am, thirty some odd years later and I am so sick of my own cooking that I would just as soon eat Cheerios for dinner.  Unfortunately, I still have these people in my house that demand food every night, like I didn't just feed them the night before!  What is up with that?!  
     In order to keep the peace and satisfy my taste buds, I have been searching for some new recipes.  I have scoured magazines, bought cookbooks, even gone online to see what I could find. I think I have made at least twenty or thirty new recipes.  We liked some and didn't like others, but at least they were new.  And my quest to find new fare for the table is not over.  I was looking online at a new recipe for grilled chicken salad and I was reading the ingredients to the hubby excited because the dressing had sour cream, his third favorite thing in the world behind butter and bacon.  I just knew he was going to be saying, yes make that tomorrow, but do you know what he said, "Please don't talk during the Laker game."
     ...At least they won. :)


  1. I feel a kindred spirit with you. I, too, was the dutiful daughter while my mother worked and grew up a tad resentful that I'd missed out hanging out at the local burger place after school with friends. I announced to my gaggle of hollow-legged boys that I'm not cooking anymore so to stop expecting it. If I did, they were invited, but to stop attacking me when I walk through the door demanding their trough to be filled. Maybe it changed when I took my writing serious. I switched to "me mode" and have no intention of going back! Fun blogs, lady.

  2. Thank you so much. At times I feel like I work for hours getting the food on the table only to have them come to the table like a hoard of starving locusts, gobble it all down and leave the same way. :)