Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few Thoughts About Marriage

     Have you ever wondered why so many women think Tim McGraw is sexy?  Aside from good looks, money, and talent.  I have a theory.  I think it's because he is so in love with his wife.  I have heard him say, she is the one with all the talent, she is the only wife he will ever have and that she is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Who wouldn't want to be adored like that?
     When a man is in love and he isn't afraid for people to know it, it is incredibly sexy.  Every woman wants to be the one and only love of someone's life.  Romance novels depend on that to keep the industry alive.
     Recently, at our church, a husband and wife were speaking.  The wife spoke first and when she was done her husband got up and the first thing he said was, "Isn't she amazing?"  Now, to the outside world she wouldn't be amazing at all.  She is not a public figure, or a stunning beauty, or wealthy.  She is a middle-aged woman with adult children, but she is the light of her husband's life.  Anyone could see that he is still as smitten with her today as he was when they first fell in love.
     This is so rare today.  All around us we see marriages falling apart at the drop of a hat.  How many times have you read about a celebrity marriage and said, "I give it a year."  More often than not you're right.
     I am so glad I belong to a church that emphasizes the importance of marriage.  When we go to church on Sunday, I can look around and see so many couples that are still in love, some have been married for many, many years.  I'm not saying they have all had it easy, quite the opposite, they have had so many struggles, and yet, they fought through it and made it work together, mostly because they have common values and goals.
     I think that's what is missing for so many people, a common faith.  As a society we have all but eliminated any mention of faith in an effort to be politically correct.  The result is so many broken marriages, how sad that so many won't ever get to be that one and only.  And how many children are going to pay the price for the social immaturity of their parents?  It makes me grateful for all that I have.  

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