Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where Did All The Good Entertainment Go?!

     Does anyone remember when you could sit down with your family and watch a movie together?  Or a TV show.  When I was a little girl, Sunday nights were special.  We would all sit in the front room and watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and then the Wonderful World of Disney would come on.  We would learn all about the lions in Africa and then watch the Adventures of Daniel Boone.  Good times.
     Why is their such a lack of good shows anymore?  It is sad that we can't sit down with our kids and all be entertained.  And the kids programs today, like my daughter so eloquently says, she would rather stick a needle in her eye than watch them.  It is painful to see the bad acting, the stupid plots and I am offended that all the adults are portrayed as idiots. 
     When I think of shows I like to watch or used to watch, their really isn't something I would feel comfortable watching with the kids.  I used to always watch the CSI's, but I had to quit watching the Miami one because the acting was sooo bad it made us laugh.  Then the network kept showing reruns of episodes that we had seen three weeks earlier and that killed that for me. I also liked Criminal Minds, but that show is very intense, too intense for kids to watch.  Most of the sit-com's are just plain stupid.
     Why can't someone come up with a good show that we can all sit down and watch?  I seems like the writers have used up all their ideas and are now rehashing the old stuff.  I mean how many remakes are we seeing coming out these days.  Then their is all the comic books they are making into movies.  Guess what,  comic books are the one thing I don't read.
      Thank goodness for books.  I recently read a book to my youngest son called, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." What a great book, it had a story line that adults could appreciate and yet my son loved the story.  I also recently down-loaded "Journey to the Center of the Earth" onto my Kindle, for my boys.  I am hoping to read it to them. I guess when all else fails we will always have books to turn to. 


  1. Yes, thanks goodness for books. I, too, love crime shows. Criminal Minds and SVU at the forefront, but even with my kids who are teenagers, you have to be careful. Some of the content is brutal. Being a thriller writer, though, I feed off of those shows. I remember the Sunday nights with Mutual of Omaha. Mom would cook popcorn the old-fashioned way on the stove and pour lots of real butter over the top.

  2. I feel like I haven't seen a good movie in a long time...I hope the show ICarly goes away, its ruining my life lately!! Yes I have the same name as ICarly...SO WHAT?!