Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere!!!

     I have a confession to make, I love zombie movies.  You would never know it to look at me, but I do.  After all, how many forty-somethings like them?  Not many would be my guess.  They are more a teenage thing, but I still like them and I have quite a collection. I am also a fan of the tv series The Walking Dead.  I just got the first season on DVD.
     If you were to ask me why I like zombie movies I could give a few reasons but what it boils down to is that zombies are slow.  I think I would have half a chance if I came across one.  And if I was packing, I would have no trouble blowing its brains out.  I know that because I took a zombie survival test and it told me so.  The test asked things like if you saw a friend that was now a zombie would I have the guts to shoot. Of course, everyone knows that once your a zombie their is no cure, so I would put them out of their misery and I would expect the same from them. However, the zombie test said that I was very likely to survive an outbreak of zombyism(there is that pesky spell check telling me that zombyism isn't a word)  because I am an alpha-female.  That's me alright. I'm a tough as nails, gun-packing, zombie killing, 21st century woman and if any zombie gets in my way look out.
     My daughters friend is a zombie movie lover too and the other day she told my daughter that if their was a zombie outbreak she and I would survive.  So I have confirmation that it's not just my opinion.
     Of course, I'm relatively sure that zombies don't exist, at least right now. So I will just keep my soft and puffy self on the couch doing research for when the day comes when I have to break out the alpha-female in me.

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