Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Miss About Having Little Babies

     There are a lot of things I have enjoyed about my children getting older. When my youngest was potty trained it was like Christmas, no, better than Christmas, it was the gift that kept on giving.   I really enjoy the peace and quiet that I get during the day now that my baby is in school full time.  It took me thirty years to get to that point.  Think about that, thirty years of children, and diapers and feeding, and whining, and smiles, and sloppy kisses. It has been quite a journey.
     There are also things that I really miss about having babies and little children around.  My oldest daughter and my third daughter both had babies in the last six months, Dallin is six months old and Parker is three months old.  As I watch my daughters with their babies, I realized how much I miss being the light of a babies life.  If you watch a baby's face when they see their mom, you know what I mean.  Their is a light of recognition that makes their face's glow with such love.  It is the most perfect expression of love you can witness.
     I also miss when my babies and toddlers were sick and they wanted no one but me to hold them and love them and make them feel better.  I still snuggle with my younger ones, but it's not the same.
     I know how hard it is to raise babies and toddlers, but find the joy in every moment because before you blink it'll be over and you will wonder where it went.

   Should I post chapter three tomorrow? Or should I blog?

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