Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Misery Loves Company

     How is it that when you don't have any extra money life bumps along just fine.  There is a flow, a routine, but the minute you get a few extra dollars all of the sudden everything goes haywire. Cars will need repairing and appliances will break down, some bill that you didn't even know you owed will show up in the mail. How does this happen?  Is there some kind of cosmic vibration that surrounds money?  I don't know.
     Maybe it is some kind of government conspiracy to separate us all from our dollars and to keep the economy flowing. Perhaps every computer in the world is secretly linked and whenever our bank balances are in the black they go into over drive trying to come up with ways to get our money.
     We received a small tax return this year and I was determined to hang onto it for a rainy day, but it seems the odds are against it. We have had illnesses, car repairs, appliances breakdown, unexpected bills and bills that have all of the sudden doubled, and don't forget that it is now costing a fortune just to feed our families and to put gas in our cars.  How is the average person supposed to survive like this I ask you?
      Why can't we keep a few dollars without everyone and his brother having their hand out.  And I know it is only going to get worse.  The government is spending money they don't have and guess who is going to be left holding that bill?  Eventually taxes will have to go up and no one will have a rainy day stash. 
     Thank goodness I have my family and friends and we are all in the same boat.  You know what they say "Misery loves company," and I'm in good company.

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