Monday, April 25, 2011

We're Not Poor, We're Rich

     A long time ago, I was talking with my sister and she said, "I was telling my friend that you had ten kids and my friend said, what does her husband do for a living."  Meaning how can anyone afford ten kids, and my sister replied to her friend, "Oh they're poor." 
     I have to say that that surprised me.  I have never felt poor.  We had a home and cars and food on the table and clothes on our backs.  Our children were happy for the most part and at Christmas they usually got what they wanted, within reason. They always wanted one of those little jeeps that you could really drive down the sidewalks, but those things were several hundred dollars and that was out of our budget.  For the most part though, they were happy with what they got.
     What we lacked in material wealth may have been obvious to others, but what they didn't see was all that we had and still have.  My husband and I have been married for over thirty years and we still enjoy each others company and have fun just laughing and talking. We are each others best friends.  How many people in the world would trade any amount of wealth to have their family still together and liking each other. 
     We really enjoy our children too.  Our adult children are here all the time and so are the grandkids.  It reminds me of the line in the movie Steel Magnolias when Julia Roberts character says, "I want to sit on the back porch covered in grand kids saying 'no and stop that."  That is my life.
     All of the grandkids were here for Easter dinner and chaos reigned.  Brielle got bit by Libby the dog and Dawson made his usual amount of noise just for the sake of it.  Lyla got teased by Dawson then crashed on the couch.  Little Lacee snuggled with me and I really love that.  Sofia looked adorable in an Easter dress that I had bought for my girls when they were little. I got to hold Dallin and Parker our newest little grandbabies and Mauro graciously tolerates all the little ones with a smile.
     We may have spent most of our lives living paycheck to paycheck, but I wouldn't trade what we have for anything in the world because we are rich beyond belief.   

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