Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First World Problems

     I have always been grateful to have been born in this time and in this great country for so many reasons. When I was a little girl my family would watch things on TV like the National Geographic shows and sometimes you would see how people lived and barely survived in other countries. That made such an impression on me.
     I love having first world problems like, should I get my nails done today or should I wait until next week? Should I sign the boy up for basketball or football? Should I make dinner tonight or get pizza?
     It's not like we don't have our problems. We do. It's just that when you look the world over, I'll take the kind of problems we have here over the ones a wife and mother have, say, in Afghanistan. I don't have to worry about being put to death if I go outside of my house without a male relative escorting me. And I don't have to send my children to the local dump to scrounge for their dinner like they do in, I think it was Brazil.
     I don't have to worry about my kids dying of an ear infection because there are no doctors for miles or babies dying from dehydration because the water they drink makes them so sick.
     I have always been a silver lining kind of person and when things start to get me down I step back and count my blessings. In fact on my family room wall I have the words, "Because I have been given much."
     It's a gentle reminder of how lucky I am to be right where I am. 

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  1. So very true. How ungrateful we would be, if we forgot all the blessings that surround us every moment of every day. I can read anything I want.
    I can write anything I want. I can choose to wear pants or a skirt. The restraints on my life are largely my own creation. We have more than freedom, we have power.