Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mayo vs Miracle Whip

     We had a deep philosophical discussion yesterday on the age old question: Mayo vs Miracle Whip? Needless to say Miracle Whip lost. We are and have always been a Mayo family. And not just any Mayo will do, it has to be Best Foods, Hellman's for you folks east of the Mississippi River.
     We love it so much it is a huge part of our food storage. For a year supply I figured out I would need about 45 jars of the stuff, so when it goes on sale and you can't find it on the store shelves, know that I beat you there. 
     We wondered about what kind of people prefer Miracle Whip? Did they have a bad childhood? Maybe their parents suffered from strange genetic condition that made them unable to really taste Miracle Whip and they passed that down to their poor, poor children. We feel bad for you, really we do because Miracle Whip is awful.
     Don't be upset if you are one of those people. I'll keep your secret and we still love you even if you don't have working taste buds.

1 comment:

  1. I am a Miracle Whip gal.... there ya go folks. So the answer to this question is.... awesome people like Miracle Whip.

    However, my hubby is a mayo guy and there are certain things I will make with Mayo that's for sure. But on a sandwich or when I have to taste something, it is def. Miracle Whip all the way.

    Honestly, I think it is a Utah thing because I got it from the mama.