Friday, October 19, 2012

Me and Silence

     Hello from Powder Mountain. No I'm not skiing, there's no snow yet. But even if there was snow I wouldn't be skiing. I'm writing. I'm at a writer's retreat trying to finish Out of the Darkness. I have no phone service here and I'm having to use FB to keep up with the fam. How weird is that? When we have all this technology and I can't call or message my family because there's no service here? I depend on that technology to get me through the day.
     I always wondered what it would be like not to be at everyone's beck and call and now I'm finding out. It's very quiet. Can you hear that? It's called silence. I haven't heard it in so long I had to stop and think about what the word was called. And since my room is in the basement I'm getting a lot of it.
     I wonder how long silence and I will be friends before it drives me crazy and I have to go in search of human contact. I'll have to wait and see. For now it's a shower and back to work. Have a great weekend everyone.  

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