Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Countdown

     The countdown is on we have less than three weeks until school starts again.  That means school clothes, and notebooks, and boxes of tissues, you know because the school districts can't afford tissues for the classroom.  It also means no more lazy mornings playing on Shiba.  We will be back into the daily grind of taking to school and picking up from school. And once again, it looks as if it may be four different schools.  I don't look forward to that, but there are advantages, such as the kids are in school all day.  That gives me time to run errands and to write without a lot of distractions. 
    This summer has been a good one so far, not too much fighting, (that doesn't include me and the hubster) and the boys are now old enough that I don't really have to worry about where they are.  I figure if they get hungry enough they'll come home.  I can drop them off at the movies or the city pool and they have a good time without me having to watch their every move. 
     All in all I think I could do an extra month of summer this year and be okay.  Of course, two-and-a-half weeks could make a lot of difference. I'll let you know


  1. ELLA starts this Wed. And this is my first in school, SO I am just gearing up for this ALL to START for a long while...ugh! I didn't know I'd have to do school again...ha ha ha

  2. School starts for me on the 22nd and I am excited and then worrying that I may have taken on too many credits for one semester with working and helping out Melissa with the children. I really would like to quit my job so I can be more available for her and be able to do well in my classes. I wouldn't have taken on so much but I want to graduate in December instead of May. Sometimes I with I could go back to when life was when was that??