Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goals for Today

     Goals for today.
     1. Change sheets on my bed.
     2. Clean kitchen including microwave, mopping, cleaning out fridges and pantry
     3. Exercise
     4. Finish chapter fourteen
     5. Babysit grandkids
     6. Purge closet and donate old clothes and old TV.
     7. Clean my bathroom and vacuum my room and closet
     8. Clean rearrange and organize the boys room
     9. Decide again what the heck were having for dinner and make it.
    10. Clean up dinner
    Do you think this is too much?  Maybe I should skip the exercising?


  1. I think you're setting yourself up for failure. Lol.

  2. So what out of this list besides chapter 14 did you accomplish? I think your amazing!!! I cant even imagine being able to keep up with such a large family to care for and still keep it all together!!
    I get nutty with helping to care of my 2 grandchildren and working. When school starts I will be crazy!! Good chapter btw!!

  3. Hi Cathy, I changed the sheets, cleaned the kitchen, the floor got mopped but Kaelyn did it she also cleaned out part of the fridge. I babysat the grandkids, finished chapt 14. Organized half the boys room including changing the sheets. Made dinner and cleaned it up. I didn't get to the bathroom or purging my closet, but tomorrow is another day. :)I think I did pretty good considering.

  4. I also exercised. For that alone I think I deserve something special.

  5. See you did more then I would have!!! My last blog I talk about what a procrastinator I am when it comes to doing things I dont want to do!! I am horrible!! See you are amazing!! Exercise is hard to fit in, if I don't get up at 4 or 5 am and get ready to go I don't!! I think you deserve a day at a spa and I would love to join you!!! To bad I am not wealthy I would fund the whole thing!!