Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Just The Way It Is.

     "I always thought it was just the women in this household that were this way, but now I know you are all crazy!"
     This is a quote from my son.  As you can tell he is still learning about the female gender.  His five sisters and I have trained him and his brothers well.  They know that they will never truly understand the workings of the female mind, and they have learned to recognize that they will pretty much never win an argument, even if they happen to be right.  And no matter how psychotic we may seem when we are PMSing there will be no stopping it, so just get out of the way.  I have had outer body experiences during these times when I know I am acting and sounding like I am totally out of control, but it is what it is.
     My daughters have also taught their husbands well.  When one of them is ticked off about something the husbands tend to nod in agreement and keep their mouths shut.
     When a man knows how to handle a woman's moods things run like a well oiled machine.  So don't try to understand us, you never will.   Our minds are complicated, lightening fast and don't always follow the path that would seem logical to you.  So get over it.  It's the way it always has been and always will be. 

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  1. My husband knows this truth. Bless him.
    Thanks for the post. We girls can use friendly support during the pms times.
    But I do hate when men blame everything on that.