Monday, August 29, 2011

My Pantry Project

      I love projects and I am really proud of how this one turned out, at least so far. I have been adding shelves to my pantry. My pantry had about five feet of wasted space above the top shelf. And I was lacking a good place to store my extra 9x13 pans and my griddle. So I did some serious measuring and went to Home Depot and had them cut particle board shelving to my specifications. When I got home I put together this new shelf. It consisted of just the small section you see in the first pic and it didn't have the top shelf on it. I was pretty pleased with it because it came out just right, that almost never happens. I now had a place to store all those pans and they were so easy to put away and reach. (I keep a step stool in my pantry because I'm only two feet tall.)
     Then I started thinking that I could add more shelf space. So the hubster and I went back to the HD (one of my very favorite places) and bought more wood. I now have more room to store things like chips and paper plates and chicken flavored Top Raman, I'm a bad mom when we run out of chicken flavored Top Raman.
     I still have to paint it. (Guess what I will be doing today?) And of course rearrange the pantry which will take hours of thinking, and studying, and mulling, and stewing over which shelf should hold the instant potatoes, you know because if I get that wrong my kids will turn out to be juvenile delinquents, the stock market will crash and the world will be thrown into turmoil. Ohhh the pressure!

We made another home improvement this week. I'll show you those pics in another blog.

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