Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kolob Canyon, Check This Out.

     Here we are at the Comfort Inn in Cedar City, having just had the worst nights sleep ever. (Note to self, don't share a bed with your 13 year old.) The drive down was surprisingly non-combative, after all when you have three siblings within arms distance of each other for four hours things can get dicey.
     The highlight of our trip so far has been going to Kolob Canyon.  We have seen the signs right off Interstate 15 forever and we always say. "We should go there some time and check it out, but not today we're in a hurry."
So we have driven by it, what a mistake. The hubby has a camping and hiking book that suggested visiting the canyon when the sun was shining in the west so last night at about 8 we drove up the canyon.  We were looking at the trees and red rocks and thinking yeah it's nice and then you round the curve and the sun is shining on the upper cliffs and the red rock are just glowing, your jaw drops open and all you can say is WOW!!!  What a sight to behold. It was so worth the time to go into the canyon. We took pictures because we stopped at Walmart and bought a digital camera. And I uploaded the software onto my laptop by myself and uploaded the pics and did my blog, which required me to connect to the hotel internet all by my self.  I'm a big girl today folks. Although I did call my daughter to help me get the pic onto the blog, but now I think I can to it by myself!!! It's a whole new world. I'm a whole new me and the possibilities are endless.
     However, it appears that I am still the only one who can put a new roll of TP onto the holder even at the Comfort Inn in Cedar City. Some things will never change. :) 

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