Friday, August 5, 2011

Finding Balance In Your Life

     Have you ever been to the mall and seen one of those games where you put the penny in and it is fed into something that looks like a giant upside down funnel.  The penny goes round and round at just the right angle into smaller and smaller circles until it goes down the hole at the bottom.  That's what time feels like sometimes every year you get older and the time goes by just a little bit faster than it did the year before.  I can't believe that it is August already. 
     Today my niece is getting married. The thing is, I remember when she was born.  Before I know it she will have children of her own. Just like three of my children.  It is the circle of life. I just wish the circle would slow down. 
     I have reached the point in life that we call middle-age.  Your not old, but your not young either.  It's no wonder folks start to re-evaluate the choices they have made up to this point. Over all I am happy with my life. I have spent it taking care of other people and that has kept me grounded and content.  Spending too much time on you brings selfishness and depression.  That being said you do need to have your own interests, goals and hobbies. It is what makes your life rich.  There has to be balance.
     The hard part is finding that balance. 

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