Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Road Trip, Again!

     We are going away for a couple of days, me the hubby and our three youngest kids. This time we are going to check out a couple of the National Parks in Utah.  We have lived here for four years and I have only seen one, so this trip should be fun (if you consider being trapped in a car for hours at a time with your children fun, and you parents that have done this know what I mean).
     The best part about this trip is we are staying at a hotel. No pit toilets, hot and cold running water, beds with real mattresses on them and hopefully no mosquitoes. This trip should be very different than last weeks trip.
     The only bad thing about this trip is the timing.  Next Monday is the first day of school and I am totally unprepared for it.  I have done absolutely no school shopping, not a sock or a shirt for anyone, so you can imagine the pressure on Saturday when we get back. 
     Thankfully, the boys don't really care about back to school shopping except for maybe their shoes. My boys can trash a pair of shoes in days, not to mention the smell. I think they may be part skunk, it comes from their father's side, I'm sure.  There is something about boys at this age, 10 and 7 that makes them stink.  I love them and I love the fact that they still like to hug me, but after a day outside playing in the hot sun, hugging them is one of those things that I am sure I'm earning extra points in heaven for and so is taking road trips with my children. I think the next road trip is going to be an adults only event. I feel I have earned it.

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