Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Eat!

     I dread dinnertime.  After thirty-one years of marriage you get sick of cooking the same things week after week.  And no matter how creative you try to be, someone always says, "I'm not eating that."  It is disheartening. That's why I feel like I hit the lottery last week when I found not one, but two new recipes that everyone seemed to like. Yipee!!!
     The first one is a recipe that my daughter told me about forever ago, I just never tried it for some reason.
You take crescent rolls and roll them out on a cookie sheet. Then you take a spoonful of cooked and shredded chicken mixed with cream cheese and put it right in the middle then you fold the crescent roll like a diaper and bake for the required amount of time on the tube of crescent rolls.  As they are baking you make, or as in my case heat up, some chicken gravy. I used the dry envelope kind. I know it's not as good as home made, but the idea here is fast and easy as we are approaching back to school and soccer practices starting next week.  Plate the little dumplings, pour some gravy over them and grub. Delish. Serve with a salad and some lo-fat or skim milk and it's a meal.
     The second meal was discovered by trying to imitate Rico Taco's.  Our local Chevron station (yes, we buy tacos at the gas station. Don't judge.) has a corner dedicated to making real Mexican tacos, something we have missed since leaving So. Cal. I'm not talking Taco Bell or Del Taco here, I'm talking the real deal with meat and Pico De Gallo on a warmed (not fried) corn tortilla. Rico's serves a side of avocado sauce with them so I made that too. I started with homemade Pico. Simple and easy just tomatoes, onions, cilantro,lime juice and garlic salt. I found Carne Asada at Walmart and cooked it up with a little salt and pepper. The avocado sauce was three avocados, lime juice, garlic salt and one package of the guacamole from Cost Co. I added some water to the mix to get the right consistency.  I blended it all in my piece of crap blended that is brand new and won't blend avocado's with water, but that's another blog.  Warm the tortillas, toss on the meat, a little Pico and the avocado sauce and it's like going to heaven without the hassle of dying and everything.
     I share these with you because good recipes are hard to find and everyone loved these. Let me know what you think if you try these.

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