Friday, August 19, 2011

A Few Trip Pics To Share.

      I thought I would share a few of our trip pics so you can see the sights with us.  This was taken on the way to Brian Head Ski Resort. I love the Utah sky. And believe it or not, it was actually cool.  The elevation was between 10,000 and 11,000 feet.
     Of course the kids all forgot jackets so it was back to Walmart for coats. It was a good thing they needed new ones for the upcoming school year anyways.
      We took a hike to a little place called Alpine Pond. There was purple, red, yellow and white flowers everywhere.  They were amazing. The hike was easy and quick, easy is my requirement and quick for the boys. My daughter took these, she seems to have an eye for photography.
      This stream was like a mirror it was so clean,( no we didn't drink it.) Notice the purple flowers growing right on the banks and the boys tossed in a stone and the ripples were so cool. I couldn't believe how quiet it was up there.  All you could hear was the buzzing of insects and a few birds.  The sound of peace and quiet is healing to the soul. 

     This is the same little pond. The pictures could never do it justice. What a great place to take in the natural world.

     As we were leaving a family of deer crossed the road right in front of us. I didn't have the camera ready, but we got out of the car and followed them.  They looked at us like, What the heck do you want.
There were four of them and they are so much bigger than you think they are.

     This is Navajo lake. As you can see the sun was setting and shining off the water.  It is an awesome sight.  The lake is above normal capacity because of all the snow we had this year in the mountains.  We who live on the valley floor didn't see hardly any of it. I know that makes some people happy, but I love the snow. I didn't get nearly enough this past winter. I hope you like these. We had fun and plan to go back soon.

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