Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poor Dot!

     Have you ever had a time when every thing went wrong? My poor son, Scot (whom we all call Dot) is having a phase like that. The kid can't seem to buy a break. Last week he was riding on a motorized scooter with a friend and fell. Of course I wasn't home at the time, I was at Ryan's soccer practice, but I got the call. I could hear Dot screaming in the background and my daughter was asking me what she should do.  After finding out if this was going to be an emergency room visit or not, I gave her instructions and came home as soon as I could. Dot was pretty banged up with scraps and bruises from head to toe. We think he may have pulled a groin muscle because of how he fell and limped his way through his soccer game on Saturday.
     And as if that wasn't bad enough the other day he was walking his bike home from school because the tire went flat and while he and his brother were waiting for a friend they decided to hide in some bushes where Dot got stung on the thumb by a wasp. OUCH! I got another call from Ryan asking me to come get him. When I got there the crossing guard had given him a piece of ice from her water bottle and he was holding it on his thumb. He was crying and all the kids were gathered around him. The next morning his hand looked like Mickey Mouse's hand it was so swollen.
     And to add insult to injury I got another call this morning. While the boys were walking to school Dot got hit by a neighbor kid on his bike.  More cuts and bruises, more blood, more tears. I brought them both home,because when Dot gets hurt he needs Ryan, at least that is the story I got from Dot. I wrapped his bleeding elbow in a gauze pad and medical tape, no ordinary bandage was big enough and after about an hour and a half took them both back to school over loud and teary protests.
     So if you think you're having a bad day just remember poor little Dot.


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  1. Oh geez. I think we all have day's like that, it's just harder to see it when it happens to our kiddos!