Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dont' Worry, Be Happy

     We had a great talk in church on Sunday. It was about being happy. One of the points the speaker made that really got me to thinking was, "We owe it to our spouse and our family to be as happy as we can be."
     It got me to thinking about a few people I've met in my live that thrive on being miserable. They just aren't happy unless they are unhappy. This isn't just an attitude problem. These people actively made choices in their lives to sabotage themselves so they could complain and be bitter about the way their lives were going. As if life itself isn't hard enough.
     Both of these people are divorced and happily miserable.
     I couldn't imagine the energy it would take to live with someone with a permanent bad attitude. Talk about sucking the life force out of you.
     I have always thought of myself as a positive person, of course I've had my moments, but over all I tend to be a glass half full kind of person. It makes life so much richer and easier if you recognize the blessings and good things in your life for what they are.
    We owe it to our families and ourselves to find the joy in life. And if there truly is no joy in your life maybe a few changes are in order.
     I hope you have a great day. I know I will.

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  1. Hi Sheereen!
    Sorry I haven't been reading your blog lately but I have been lazy since school got out. Not only have I not read yours but haven't blogged either. I am such a slacker! School starts in a month and a week before that I have to go take the graduate record exam...YIKES!! I will be better I promise!!

    Your post about being a happy person is a struggle for me. Bill calls me the nay sayer!! I am trying to do better at being positive but sometimes its hard!!!