Friday, July 20, 2012

High School Nightmares

    I was talking to the hubs this morning and he was telling me about a dream he had last night. He was back at his old high school and they wanted him to coach the school's baseball program. If you know my husband you know he lives and dies basketball, so he was stressed at the thought of  doing baseball.
     In his dream his old coach, who passed away years ago, was there and trying to teach him how to teach pitching and one of his old basketball players was there to help him. We both got a good laugh out of it.
     I too have been a victim of the, "returning to high school" dreams or should I say nightmares. Mine usually go something like this. I am at school and it's the last day and I have to turn in my books. I haven't been to my locker all year and I can't remember where it is let alone the combination. In the back of my mind I am wondering how I did all my work if I can't even remember where my locker is? Somehow I push that thought away and keep searching for my locker. I guess school work wasn't my top priority.
      If and when I find my locker and try to turn in my books, I show up naked. I hate to think of what this all means and if you are a dream interrupter don't tell me. I'm sure this means I'm secretly crazy or something.

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  1. That is soooo funny!! I have the same exact dreams about high school!!