Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Kinking No Kink Hose!

     I went to home depot the other day to buy a new hose for our front yard. I hate, absolutely, hate the one we have because it kinks all the time and it is too short. Two years ago I bought the best hose ever, it never kinks, and I wanted another one just like it.
     Guess what? They don't sell those anymore. So I carefully considered the hoses available and picked one that was 75 feet long and said, "No Kinks" right on the label.
     I was so excited to surprise my hubby. Now we could water the pots in front of the garage without filling up a bucket.
     I had to get a crescent wrench to unhook the hose. I finally got it off and hooked on the other one and guess what? THEY LIED!
     The stupid hose had a kink before I even finished tightening it. I bought the second most expensive hose Home Depot had and it kinks. I had to straighten out three kinks just to water my pots. What is up with that?
    How can you put No Kinks right on your label when it kinks? Now we have to go to the trouble of taking it off draining the water and hauling it back. What a pain. Where is their pride in workmanship? Doesn't anyone test these things and say, "hey, we can't say No Kinks because it kinks." I guess no one has the guts to tell the boss.
     So to the No Kink hose manufactures, "You suck."

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