Friday, July 13, 2012

My Night of Terror and Worry!

     Last night the hubby, my son, my son-in-law and my daughter went hiking. I stayed home to make sure no one stole our couch.  I can report that the couch is safe.
      I expected them home around nine to nine-fifteen, so when they didn't come home and they hadn't called to say they were on their way, I started to get worried.
    At ten, here's what went through my head. I wonder what the heck is taking them so long? Oh my gosh! I hope they're not lost up in the canyon somewhere! Am I going to have to call the Ogden police and have them go find them? Does one call the police for this or is there a Ranger station up there where worried wives call when their husbands and kids don't come home? Am I going to have to try to look this up on the internet? What does one google when your family gets lost in the mountains? What if Kaelyn walked off of a cliff in the dark and she's dead and the hubby just doesn't have the guts to call me? What if they were all tied together like mountain climbers and they all went over the cliff and they're all dead and they don't have the nerve to call me. What now?! I'm a widow with three less kids! What on earth will I do?! All these awful scenarios went flying through my head.
      It was about this time I decided to call the hubby's cell phone. When he answered, I said, "Please tell me you are on your way home," I didn't add and not dead at the base of a cliff because I don't want him to know how truly neurotic I really am and since he answered he obviously wasn't dead. 
     He replied, "I'm almost home. I had to stop and get some gas."
     Well, I'm glad that worked out.

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  1. Ah, just like a women who loves her family to worry. I'm glad they were fine.
    I think this worry results from your fantastic writer's imagination. A curse and a blessing.

    Thanks for sharing.
    You make me smile