Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Weekend Away

     I spent the weekend in SLC with the hubby to celebrate 32 years of marriage. It was so much fun. The hotel was nice and had fresh baked cookies in the lobby. The air conditioner worked great. The beds were comfy and there were no kids around. We even took a dip in the pool and spa.
      We ate at Texas Roadhouse, one of our favorite places. Did I mention that we didn't take the kids?
      We snacked on all kinds of yummy and really bad for you goodies and watched the Andy Griffith marathon on TV. I could get used to living like that. I didn't want to come home and face reality.
       If only real life could be like a weekend away it would be so much more pleasant. I would never make my bed. Maids would clean my house. I could eat out for every meal and never have to do the dishes again.
      Yet, I come home to five people asking me, "What are you going to make us for dinner?" I mean really?
      All I have to say to that is where is my fresh baked cookie?

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